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About Our Cleaning Services
Pressure Washing • House Cleaning • Commercial Cleaning • Stain Removal

At Reynolds & Sons in Jackson, Tennessee, we are the cleaning crew to trust at home and at the office. Whether you need us for heavy-duty stain removal, window washing, or construction cleanup, we can do it all—and at a price, you can afford.

Commercial and Residential Cleaning Services Include:

  1. Quality cleaning of all types of windows & screens: both in & out. Cleaning light fixtures are often part of this service.
  2. Pressure washing: homes, concrete, outdoor furniture, etc.
  3. Sealing exposed aggregate concrete: driveways, walkways, patios, porches, etc.
  4. Sealing cracks & joints: in concrete surfaces.
  5. Caulking: sealing window and door frames.
  6. Gutter cleaning: removing debris from inside your gutters & clogged drainpipes.
  7. Gutter cleaning, exterior face: removing mold, mildew, dirt, streaks, etc. from the outside surface of your gutters for a 'like new' appearance.
  8. Deck restoration: pressure wash and re-seal.
  9. Industrial quality epoxy coatings: for garages, shops, etc..
Window Service


At Reynolds, we specialize in wood deck restoration and roof stain removal. After pressure washing and re-sealing your deck, we will apply a UV protective coating specific to the level of protection you are looking for. During roof stain removal, we kill all of the algae that appear as unsightly black streaks. It is more common to have this type of staining when you have a zinc or copper strip across the pinnacle of your roof, but if you aren't sure, contact us for a consultation.

Contact us in Jackson, Tennessee, for a heavy-duty commercial and house cleaning service specializing in pressure washing
and stain removal.